10+ Best Self Portrait Studios in Hamilton

Are you one of those selfie enthusiasts of Hamilton? We all love to snap those killer self-portraits, right? And finding the perfect spot can be a game-changer, be it updating our Instagram, celebrating a special moment, or just having fun.

Luckily, Hamilton and nearby areas have fantastic self-portrait studios catering to all tastes and styles. Let’s check out 10+ of the best ones, and trust me, they’re going to up your selfie game.

1. Dainty Era

With its cozy and welcoming studio vibe, Dainty Era is your haven for self-expression. They’ve got the equipment, props, and backdrops to bring your self-portrait vision to life, from a classic look to a more playful aura.

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2. Recess Photo Studio

Recess Photo Studio is a selfie playground where creativity knows no bounds. With an assortment of lights, backdrops and props, this spot introduces everyone to a fun and unique way to get photos taken – perfect for families, couples, or even pets.

3. Modest Booth

Sometimes, less is more, and Modest Booth gets that. This studio keeps it simple and elegant. Each studio room has large monitors, a wireless trigger remote, proper lighting, and a professional camera, letting your style speak for itself.


No matter your style, STUDIObyU helps you create self-portraits that reflect your best qualities. You have the tools to unleash your selfie creativity through their variety of settings and top-notch equipment.

5. POSE Selfie Studio

POSE Selfie Studio, Hamilton’s newest self-portrait studio, accommodates all levels of photography needs without any professional help. The 2000 square feet of space is filled with over 20 creative scenes, providing fantastic selfie adventures.

6. Monography 

Are you into a unique self-photoshoot experience? Monography has everything you need to make it happen, from personalized attention to ultimate quality. Within 15 minutes, you can capture your most natural self in a relaxed, private space.

7. Studio Ethereal 

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All self-portrait sessions at Studio Ethereal can be tailored to your unique personality with different studio setups. The popular sets are Spooky Forest, Spiderweb, Secret Garden, Pink Palace Barbie Dream House, and Witchy Bathroom.

8. Ripley’s Selfie Studio

Ripley’s Selfie Studio lets you explore over 20 themed installations with pop colours and unique props, ideal for creating feed-worthy photos and beautiful memories. The comfortable, lively, and fun environment is where you can share your authentic self and create quality content.

9. Selfie Mode 

Selfie Mode boasts 900 square feet of space with 16 Instagram-worthy backdrops; each room provides a fun and unique photoshoot experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a self-portrait expert or not; just be yourself and enjoy the experience.

10. POZE The Selfie Experience 

POZE The Selfie Experience is known for its cutting-edge approach to self-portraits. They offer a variety of backdrops and lighting options to create the perfect atmosphere for your shoot, ensuring that your self-portraits provide satisfying results.

No matter which self-portrait studio you choose, rest assured that you’ll walk away with images that truly reflect your unique personality and style. So, don’t hesitate to explore these fantastic studios and bring out your creativity that captures the best version of yourself.

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