15+ Best Real Estate Mortgage Brokers in Hamilton

Did the bank tell you NO? Well, real estate mortgage specialists have the contacts to turn that into a big YES. Working with a local mortgage broker helps you get the amount you need to purchase your dream home.

Let’s introduce you to the 15+ best real estate mortgage brokers in Hamilton, each known for their expertise, commitment, and outstanding service.

1. Brian Hogben – Mission 35 Mortgages 

Brian Hogben founded Mission35 Mortgages after successfully achieving his goal of paying off his mortgage by age 35, sparking his inspiration. He’s also one of the trusted mortgage agents in Hamilton who’ll help you find creative solutions for complex situations.

2. Austin Gray – Mission 35 Mortgages 

With a passion for real estate, Austin Gray discovered his true calling in the mortgage industry. He enjoys sharing his expertise and assisting others in their life-changing journey. He understands the value of hard-earned money and is committed to working diligently for you.

3. Agnes Mocko – Synergy Mortgage Group 

Agnes Mocho will help you renew, refinance, purchase, and consolidate debt or require an alternative solution. As a licensed mortgage professional, she aims to empower her clients to make informed decisions that benefit them today and secure their future.

4. Lauren Curry – Mission 35 Mortgages 

With more than 15 years of experience in the customer service industry, Lauren Curry enjoys meeting new people and forging lasting connections. Her robust leadership abilities ensure that she’s there to assist you and seamlessly navigate the mortgage process at every stage.

5. Austin Weldon – Synergy Mortgage Group 

Austin Weldon is a seasoned mortgage broker with years of experience. He’s known for finding tailored mortgage solutions and helping clients achieve their homeownership dreams. Also, he’s dedicated to simplifying the mortgage process.

6. Rebecca Basken – Mission 35 Mortgages 

Rebecca Basken’s fervor lies in assisting others. With more than a decade of expertise in the customer service sector, her utmost commitment is to guarantee you an unparalleled mortgage journey. She’s eager to assist you in discovering solutions that transform your financial aspirations into a concrete reality.

7. Brandon Woodward – Bold Mortgage Group 

Brandon Woodward has extensive experience that enables him to navigate intricate real estate transactions swiftly. His meticulous attention to detail, expertise, and professionalism alleviate the stress associated with the process, ensuring a seamless closing for all parties involved.

8. Aaron Porcaro – Empire Mortgage Group 

Born and raised in Hamilton, Aaron Porcaro meticulously evaluates financial profiles to secure the best mortgage rates for his clients, saving them money in the long run. He combines a wealth of experience with a genuine passion for helping people find their dream homes.

9. Kim Steele – Canuck Mortgage Group 

As an expert in the industry, Kim Steele has a strong track record of securing competitive rates for her clients. Her extensive network and industry connections often result in exclusive deals and benefits for you.

10. Cathy Pimentel – Bold Mortgage Group 

Cathy Pimentel became a part of Bold Mortgage Group in August 2016, following her departure from a 17-year career with Scotiabank. She successfully led one of the country’s top mortgage teams in her previous role. With over two decades of lending experience, Cathy has worked with a wide-ranging network of clients.

11. Jordan Nunn – Empire Mortgage Group 

Jordan Nunn has a genuine appreciation for hard work and assisting others. His role as one of the top mortgage agents in Hamilton has allowed him to merge these passions, delivering personalized and devoted experiences to his clients.

12. Steven McKay – The Personal Mortgage Group 

Steven McKay’s approach is marked by his exceptional communication skills. He takes the time to educate his clients about the mortgage process, ensuring they feel empowered in their decisions. Moreover, his attention to detail ensures that no opportunity is missed.

13. Anson Martin – Fair Mortgage Solutions

In 2010, Anson Martin joined Fair Mortgage Solution as a licensed Mortgage Agent, where he has had the opportunity to assist people in varying financial positions, from nervous first-time homebuyers to seasoned real estate investors.

14. Predrag Panic – Bold Mortgage Group 

Since 2010, Predrag Panic is part of the banking industry since 2010. He boasts over a decade of experience and a strong passion for real estate lending. His knowledge, adaptability, and dedication to assisting clients with their real estate needs have been crucial to his success as a mortgage agent.

15. Ginette Nason – The Personal Mortgage Group 

With 17 years of experience working for some of Canada’s largest mortgage lenders, Ginette Nason decided it was time for a career change. She left the corporate world’s hustle and bustle for new beginnings. Then, she found an incredible team at The Personal Mortgage Group.

16. Kathleen Uranick – Fair Mortgage Solutions 

Kathleen Uranick became a part of the Fair Mortgage Solutions team in 2019, after completing the Mortgage Agent Course with the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association. Since joining, Kathleen has assisted numerous new clients and rapidly gained valuable hands-on experience in diverse and unique financial situations.

Choosing the right mortgage broker in Hamilton is crucial in achieving your homeownership dreams. Each of these mortgage specialists brings a unique set of skills, experience, and dedication to the table. But take the time to explore their websites, read client reviews, and reach out to them to start your homeownership journey with confidence.

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