15+ Best Wedding Planning Courses in Canada

Becoming a wedding planner can initially seem daunting. You must balance your busy schedule to accommodate training, find the ideal course, and kickstart your client base. Given wedding coordination’s thrilling and lucrative nature, many institutions now offer event and wedding planning courses.

How do you ensure you make the best choice for your training, setting you on the fast track to financial success? We’ve created a list of 15+ best wedding planning courses in Canada to streamline your search. 

1. Dainty Era 

From intimate weddings to destination weddings, Dainty Era will help you expertly and confidently plan all types of weddings in Hamilton and Stoney Creek. Their wedding planning course covers budget and financial management, vendor selection, wedding coordination, and even building your wedding planning business.

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2. WildBash Events 

The wedding planning course offered by WildBash Events provides practical, real-world insights into the industry. You’ll learn about event logistics, coordination, and effective communication with clients and vendors. Moreover, the course emphasizes creativity and professionalism.

3. The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc. (WPIC)

WPIC offers a range of online courses designed to fit your schedule, such as Wedding Planner, Consultant, and Coordinator Certification (in class), Wedding Planner, Consultant, and Coordinator Certification (online/virtual), and Wedding and Event Designer Certification. The courses are continuously updated, with all updates made accessible to former students, ensuring they always possess the latest and most up-to-date skills and information.

4. QC Event Planning  

QC Event Planning’s online course empowers you to make couples’ dream weddings a reality. Learn essential planning tools to bring your client’s vision to life, starting with budgeting, timeline creation, and vendor sourcing. Then, you’ll explore diverse cultural and religious wedding traditions as well.

5. The Humber Centre of Innovation Network 

With Humber’s Event Management graduate certificate program, you’ll obtain extensive hands-on training, strong industry engagement, and the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge through practical field experience. The curriculum covers vital skills, including venue selection, logistical and time management, staging, food and beverage choices, budgeting, staffing, post-event assessment, and professional standards.

6. Seneca College 

The Event Management program by Seneca College is your way to start a career as an event planner and designer. Within eight months, you’ll acquire the expertise required to flawlessly execute in-person and virtual events for actual clients within the dynamic and fast-paced industry. Guided by a team of seasoned industry experts, you’ll develop the ability to transform your design concepts into events that captivate your clients.

7. Algonquin College 

Algonquin College offers the Event Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program, which will prepare you for exciting roles within the event planning industry, like wedding planning. The course lets you master the intricacies of organizing in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, encompassing risk mitigation, project conception and execution, financial acumen, and effective marketing strategies.

8. Wedding Academy Global 

Join the Wedding Academy Global for a well-rounded education in wedding planning. You’ll acquire practical skills to excel in planning and executing memorable weddings. Furthermore, the Certificate in Wedding Planning Course will teach you what it takes to plan the perfect wedding.

9. Ultimate Academy 

The 5-Day Event & Wedding Planning Course offered by the Ultimate Academy involves a comprehensive curriculum encompassing fundamental principles and tactics essential for prosperous event planning. It delivers hands-on guidance for their effective implementation. This course also delves into the entrepreneurial aspects of becoming an Ultimate Event & Wedding Planner.

10. Mount Royal University 

With the Wedding and Social Event Planner Certificate of Completion, Mount Royal University allows you to learn the five-phase event planning approach and fundamental competencies of event organizers and wedding planners. Moreover, you’ll gain insights into cultural traditions and a toolkit of design strategies and tips.

11. International Career School Canada (ICS) 

Enroll in ICS Canada’s educational program, and in as few as six months, you can attain certification as an ABC® Certified Wedding Planner and membership in the prestigious Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). Their Wedding Planner Career Diploma course equips you for the wedding planner certification exam. It offers courses such as Wedding Etiquette, Multimedia Marketing, The Home-Based Business, etc. to enhance your preparation.

12. The Knowledge Academy 

As you join the Wedding Planning Masterclass at The Knowledge Academy, you’ll attain comprehensive expertise in creating, planning, and effectively managing weddings. You can develop a profound understanding of the role and extensive scope of wedding consultancy, covering various cultural and religious contexts.

13. Fanshawe College

In Fanshawe’s two-year Event Planning program, you’ll immerse yourself in practical learning experiences. This comprehensive curriculum equips you to expertly oversee event management, from venue selection and contract evaluation to the intricate details of guest lists, decor, marketing, and securing sponsorships.

14. British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

BCIT offers a course that delves into the entire spectrum of wedding planning, covering the journey from concept to flawless execution. It encompasses the intricacies of managing various aspects, beginning with the initial consultation with the couple, vendor selection, contract scrutiny, and creative elements like themes and decor.

15. Keystone Online Studies 

The Event Planning program by Keystone Online Studies lets you acquire the essential skills and knowledge needed for a fulfilling career, crafting unforgettable events and leaving a lasting impression on guests and clients alike. This program will empower you to expertly conceptualize and organize various events, from corporate meetings and conferences to special occasions like weddings and community fundraisers.

16. Modern Wedding Planners Collective 

The Modern Wedding Planners Collective provides vital and foundational education for wedding planners seeking to fortify their business acumen and creative spirits. They aim to enhance the expertise and design abilities of those passionate about or engaged in the wedding planning field.

These programs will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and industry insights to create unforgettable moments for couples on their special day—best of luck in your wedding planning career.

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