Baby Milestone Photography Packages in Hamilton (Stoney Creek)

Baby Milestone Photography Packages in Hamilton (Stoney Creek)

Your little one grows right before your eyes. They’ll never be small again. You may wish time to slow down, but it doesn’t. Luckily, our professional photographers can capture these fleeting moments.

Cherish Your Little One’s Precious Early Moments

Our baby milestone photography takes place in our modern, cozy, bright studio for babies aged 3 to 13 months. We have a range of packages to cater to unique requirements and preferences.

We focus on capturing organic and timeless photographs of babies, documenting their adorable details and amazing new skills, such as sitting, crawling, rolling, or walking. Plus, siblings and other family members can join the session.

What’s Included in Our Baby Milestone Photo Packages

We must create a relaxed and enjoyable photo session experience for everyone and feel supported from start to finish. We provide a lot of communication and guidance to ensure professional and satisfying results.

As you book a baby milestone photo shoot with us, expect the following:

  • A telephone or in-person consultation to carefully plan the session and tailor it to your little one.
  • Preparation emails with all the necessary information to help your baby relax and prepare for the session.
  • The option to rent clothes, props, and accessories for your baby.
  • Professional photo editing and retouching from the session.
  • A schedule to view the beautiful shots and choose which ones you want.

What Results You Can Expect 

Your Little Ones Development Stage 

The result of the photo shoot depends on your child’s development stage and interests. As their mobility increases, the variety increases as well. 

  • Newborn (0-2 Months) – We’ll capture your newborn’s sweet, sleepy moments in their earliest days.
  • Three Months – Your baby is now showing more personality with heart-melting smiles and first giggles.
  • Six Months – Celebrate those adorable milestones like sitting up and reaching for toys.
  • Nine Months – Your baby is on the move, crawling and exploring new horizons.
  • One Year – Watch your little one dig into a delicious cake and create a joyful mess.

Your Baby’s Unique and Gorgeous Details 

Our photographers can take close-ups of your baby’s little details during the photo session. These include their wrist rolls, beautiful hands, long eyelashes, and gorgeous little feet.

Get Timeless Keepsakes 

Your baby’s first year is a whirlwind of milestones, and we want to be there to capture those beautiful moments. Whether it’s the first time they grasp your finger or their first steps, be sure to capture them for you to have timeless keepsakes. Contact us at 416-833-4255 or to start creating a personalized plan for the baby milestone photo session.