Wedding Planning Services in Hamilton (Stoney Creek)

Wedding Planning Services in Hamilton (Stoney Creek)

Let’s plan your dream wedding without stress. 

Our team of Hamilton and Stoney Creek wedding planning experts ensures that every detail is personalized, speaks to your personality, and is exactly what you’re dreaming of. We listen to your needs and work around your lifestyle. Also, we ensure that the entire experience is enjoyable and stress-free. 

What We Offer 

Elopement/Intimate Wedding Planning 

Our elopement and intimate wedding planning services are a perfect option for couples who want to embrace the beauty of intimacy and simplicity. We’ll help you plan and create a private and meaningful celebration, focusing on your love story.

Partial Wedding Planning 

This wedding planning service is perfect for you if you’re comfortable handling most of the process but still would like to use some help. We’ll carefully review each detail you’ve already made and provide suggestions in the areas that need attention.

Full-Service Wedding Planning 

With our full-service wedding planning, you’ll get guidance in all the wedding planning process aspects from start to finish. We’ll expertly help you find the right vendors and venue, develop a realistic budget, and design your wedding theme. Overall, we’ll give you a stress-free planning experience, putting everything together to create a beautiful and meaningful celebration of love. 

Month of Coordination 

Our day or month of coordination services are suitable for couples who’ve planned everything themselves but need experts to ensure no detail is overlooked during the final weeks leading up to their big day. We’ll thoroughly review your plans and provide on-site coordination to ensure a seamless wedding day.

Our Wedding Planning Service Highlights 

  • Initial and unlimited ongoing consultations
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Development of a comprehensive wedding budget and timelines
  • Assistance in selecting your wedding theme, colors, and style
  • Creation of an inspiring mood board
  • Referral of vendors (up to 3 meetings per vendor category)
  • Skillful negotiation and coordination with vendors
  • Review vendor contracts (We don’t provide legal advice; consult a lawyer if needed)
  • Curate a list of potential venues (with up to 3 site visits)
  • Craft a detailed itinerary for your wedding day
  • Full-day coordination with the presence of 2 on-site coordinators (up to 12 hours)
  • Oversee the wedding rehearsal
  • Supervise the wedding photo session
  • Coordinate the punctual delivery of rental items and more
  • Compile a vendor emergency contact list
  • Prove an emergency kit for unforeseen situations

Ready to Tie the Knot? 

To get started, contact us at 416-833-4255 or to schedule your initial consultation. We’ll sit together, share some laughs, and start turning your dream wedding into a beautiful reality.